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Aquamarine & multi Seaglass Necklace Set

Amazing versatility! This rare multi Seaglass has swirls of blue and pairs perfectly with a strand of genuine Aquamarine and Sterling beads. The strand is adjustable so you can wear it as a choker or longer. Also includes a simple 18” Sterling chain giving you 4 looks in one set! A one of a kind, special piece!

Why are there divots in the glass? Not sure! They are polished from tumbling in the sea, so they weren’t made after the piece was found. One guess is that it’s similar to hag stones. This piece may have been stuck in rocks and a couple small stones were with it swirling around wearing it away. Or maybe it was part of the glass design before it broke. That’s thy mystery of Seaglass!

Aquamarine & multi Seaglass Necklace Set

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