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Unintended Twists

I just got back from a Make & Take party at Leadership Arts Associates in York, PA.

Leadership Arts Associates is a leadership development firm whose aim is to empower, educate and engage leaders to thrive personally and professionally. They help people focus inward using a variety of creative methods. The idea is that creativity helps individuals find the answers they already possess. (

Naturally I was thrilled to be asked to be one of their creative methods. More importantly, I believe in what they teach.

If you've been to one of my Make & Take parties, you know it really is more like a party than a class. When I hear "class" I think of instruction on the right way and wrong way to do something. One of the first things I share with guests is that you really can't "mess up" when it comes to creativity. I give a few ideas, but then I give them a practice piece of wire and tell them to just play with it. See what shapes appear...just do whatever they feel. It's fun to watch some folks awkwardly handle the wire and ask if they are "doing it right." My answer is always, "Is that what you want it to look like? If yes, bet you're doing it right! If not, then keep working it until it is. Beautiful things can come from unintended twists and turns in the wire."

Everyone starts out with the same tools and the same pieces of sterling wire. In the end, each piece is a one-of-a-kind treasure and the sense of accomplishment is a joy to witness. It's kind of like life. Whether it's piece of wire or this wacky ride called life, beautiful things really can come from those unintended twists and turns. It just depends on how creative you let yourself be.

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