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Your "Works of HeART"

Those of you who have known K. Downs Works of Heart for a while now probably also know that the Bradley Food Pantry is a near and dear group to us. We regularly donate a portion of our craft show sales to help those less fortunate. After making a couple recent online sales, we picked up a case of these tooth care kits to donate.

Did you know that your local food pantry doesn't get support for non-food items? Personal hygiene items can be a luxury for some. If they can't buy food, they likely can't buy other necessities.

Here's an idea: Keep your eyes peeled for sales and coupons when you do your own shopping and pick up just one item to donate. Keep a donate box where you collect those items. At the end of the month, drop them to your local food pantry! In addition to larger county locations, lots of churches and community centers also offer food and support to those in need right in your neighborhood!

This is great way for YOU to create your own "Works of HeART".


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