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What is Seaglass?

So many people ask me, "what is Seaglass?"

At a recent trip to the beach I found the perfect glass pieces to explain!

Pieces of broken glass (in this case probably a Budweiser bottle from long ago), travel along the sea floor amongst the shells, rocks and sand. The longer it bounces around, the softer the edges become from the sand polishing it. How long it takes depends on the surf...but it's years and years and years! Finding those perfectly rounded pieces is really hard today due to recycling and plastic containers so when you do find a great piece of naturally created seaglass it's exciting!

When I find a piece that "isn't ready yet", I throw it back near a jetty or rocks to give it a chance to become more than a piece of trash but a beautiful treasure!

Have you found special treasures on your beach trip? We can help you make them into wearable memories. Just ask!

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